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New for Winter 2023 -2024 Hunting Experiences

For those of you looking for an experience that takes you to the next level in falconry then one of my winter hunting days could be for you.

Harris hawks are one of the most courageous and enthusiastic hunting hawks and will take on prey far bigger than themselves, they are ground based hunters and favourite quarry is pheasants, partridge, rabbits and hare.

Being a pack hunter the Harris hawk will readily accept new members into the pack to assist with the hunt which is where you come in, to help beat and move the quarry for the hawks to catch, hence becoming part of the team, we will be flying a cast of Hawks on the day so you will be working with two hawks and will be able to see how they work together and communicate when prey is spotted.

Pheasants have been released onto the estate purely for falconry purposes, there are also wild birds as well as rabbits and other small mammals such as squirrels for the hawks to chase, there is no guarantee that when hunting we will be successful however even if the target gets away the chances are that we will encounter quarry and a chase will ensue which is fantastic to be part of and to witness, the flight of a hawk after prey can be draw dropping and a moment you will remember forever.

You are welcome to keep and take home anything caught to prepare and cook for yourself as a reminder of a very special day, I am happy to help or advise on any preparation if required.

I am offering a limited number of these experiences from October 2023 to March 2024, the price for a days hunting is £250 for two people. A day will commence at around 10.00am with a briefing over coffee and a bacon roll, where you will meet the hawk /hawks you will be working with for the day. Duration will be dependent on how successful we are, the weather and our ability to keep up with the hawks in the field, with an anticipated finish time of around 3pm. I am happy to structure the day to suit you and add breaks as required.

Please be aware that a good level of physical fitness and ability is required to work the cover with the hawks, and to keep up with them when they do take flight after quarry.

These experiences are not bookable via the website, if you would like more information or are keen to come please call or email me with an idea of the date you would like to attend. The day is aimed at two people flying and handling the hawks however again there can be flexibility.

I do also have accommodation available at my home with a large double room with private ensuite so if you are interested in a more in depth experience, learning falconry and handling and flying the hawks a bespoke two day experience can also be arranged.

Please Contact Anita on 07970 727539 for any further information about these experiences.

I look forward to taking you out hunting with the hawks.


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