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Hampshire Hawk Walks

Barn Owl Experiences

Just like my hawk walks my owl walks are one to one, a barn owl walk is around 1 hour in duration and is a gentle stroll as I tell you all about barn owls and birds of prey while we watch Wilf fly and interact with us and his surroundings. Owls are easily distracted so this can sometimes mean he disappears and goes off on little adventures, this is very natural owl behaviour and the aim of my experiences is for you to see how the birds act as if they were in the wild while interacting with us in a natural environment. 

Chawton House offers an ideal backdrop for an owl walk and has a good mix of environments for Wilf to fly in while the  woodland owl walk offers some open spaces as well as woodland flying,  Wilf is happy to explore his surroundings and flies well through the trees, returning to us at regular intervals for a reward.  I offer owl walks in the late afternoon or evening depending on the time of year. I am happy to vary start times a little so please do give me a call if you have a particular date or time you would like to come outside of what is on the website. 

Barn Owl walks are around an hour duration and are for two people handling the owl during the experience, groups of up to six are possible, please get in touch to arrange. 

Please purchase the gift voucher option if you would like to purchase a walk to be taken at a later date, a printed and posted gift pack is also available. If you prefer you can get in touch via phone or email and I can email you an invoice to be paid via bank transfer.   
If you have a gift voucher please email or call me to arrange your walk

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