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About your falconry experience

What to expect and things you should know.

I provide the opportunity to handle and free-fly a bird of prey in a completely natural setting in Hampshire. I  specialize in 80/90 minute, private Hawk Walks for individuals and families,  I do not combine bookings. My aim is to share the pleasure, excitement and joy of handling and flying one of nature’s top-class predators in a safe and relaxed environment.
On each experience a spectator/guest, such as a friend or family member are invited to accompany the walk free of charge. Additional spectators are welcome, but an extra fee of £20.00 per person will be charged. No previous experience with birds of prey is necessary as I will be with you the entire time and full instructions on safety procedures essential for the safe handling and flying of the birds will be given.
At the start of the experience you will have a ‘meet and greet’ with the Hawk that you will be flying with before being taken through a safety session on the do’s and don’ts of handling the hawk. Once you are ready to continue then the real fun begins.
Over the course of the experience I will cover many fascinating insights into the birds, such as their place in the environment, what and how they hunt, eyesight, natural behaviours and pack dynamics, whilst you relax, fly and interact with ‘your’ hawk. Throughout the duration of the Hawk Walk you or the accompanying spectator are welcome to take as many photographs as you wish as a further reminder of a wonderful experience.
The birds used for the Hawk Walks are the Harris Hawk a New World raptor species and one of the only known birds of prey that continually live, hunt and breed within a family unit, similar to the dynamics of a wolf pack. These hawks possess a calm and even temperament and, once trained, will happily free-fly and interact safely with complete strangers – thus an excellent choice when dealing with clients or members of the public.

Hampshire Hawk walks Terms and Conditions

Please read important information prior to booking

We allow for one spectator free of charge to accompany each booking as an observer only. This allows clients to share their experience with a loved one/friend and the opportunity to take photos during the walk. Additional spectators will be charged at an added fee of £20 per person. Cameras and other personal effects will be the responsibility of the client/s and Hampshire Hawk Walks  will not be held liable for any loss or damages.

Clients are to ensure they wear suitable attire for woodland walks ie: walking boots or wellies, long sleeves and dark clothing. Hampshire Hawk Walks will not be responsible for soiled or damaged clothing.
Late arrivals may result in shortened booking time or rescheduled at a later date for an additional fee.
Prepaid vouchers must be presented on arrival as proof of purchase.

Age restrictions:
The minimum age for experience participants is 8 years old or higher. Minors are to be accompanied by a consenting parent / guardian aged 18 years or over.

Clients must be aware and accept that the birds of prey are by their very nature predators and upon occasion, the birds may chase and capture prey.

Cancellations require a minimum of 48 hours notice and may be rescheduled free of charge and subject to availability but will not be refunded.
Hampshire Hawk Walks reserves the right to reschedule bookings should the need arise. Should this occur, we will inform the client as soon as possible and do our very best to offer an alternative date at no extra cost.
Should the client endanger the health and safety of the birds, Hampshire Hawk Walks reserves the right to terminate the experience should it be deemed necessary, and will offer no refund.

Due to the rugged and natural landscape of the woodlands and fields, there is no push chair or wheelchair access or facilities. Please mention any disabilities or physical restrictions when booking as to allow instructor’s to plan accordingly.
Upon booking, please notify Hampshire Hawk Walks if any participants or spectators have any form of bird phobia/s.
Hampshire Hawk Walks is licensed to operate from private property and therefore request that clients respect and follow the rules and regulations as follows:
Any spectators within their group must also be physically able and dressed according to the terrain.
No dogs or other pets allowed on the hawk walk.
Clients are to be aware and to respect other countryside activities operating on the estate.

Health and Safety:
Hampshire Hawk Walks provides a third party liability insurance for injury to any client/s for the duration of the experience should they receive injury from the birds through no fault of their own. Insurance does not extend to personal vehicles and clients are responsible for their own property. Hampshire Hawk Walks will not be liable for any injuries or damages as a result of the client not wearing safety equipment provided or not following the suitable clothing clause.
It is the responsibility of the client/s to ensure they act in a safe manner and follow health and safety instructions at all times. The client/s must also be aware that whilst the birds are born and raised in a captive environment, they are still essentially wild animals and Hampshire Hawk Walks operates a ‘no stroking’ policy and accepts no liability for injury if those instructions are not followed.
Due to the nature of the experience, it will be with the agreed consent of the client to participate in the field, that they accept responsibility for their own safety, conduct, limitations and personal property. Hampshire Hawk Walks will not accept liability for personal injury or damage as a result of slips, falls, acts of nature (injuries caused by natural flora or fauna, negotiating electric/wire fencing at inappropriate points, stepping into concealed holes, falling into water, being struck by branches or windswept debris or any other acts outside the control of Hampshire Hawk Walks), whilst on the experience.
Hampshire Hawk Walks will not be held responsible for events outside of our control which may cause alterations of an experience due to natural causes such as disease outbreaks which may restrict movement on the estate, such as Foot & Mouth Disease, Schmallenberg Virus or any outbreak where restrictions are placed / recommended by DEFRA or land owners.

All spectators are to abide by the same rules and are the responsibility of the client/s. All children are to be accompanied by a parent or guardian and are the sole responsibility of those persons.
Statutory Rights and Complaints:
These terms & conditions do not alter your statutory rights as a consumer & are governed by & in accordance with English Law. The purchaser, voucher / experience recipient & Hampshire Hawk Walks agree that any problems fall under the jurisdiction of English courts. All clauses & sub clauses in our terms & conditions are independent of each other. If any one of the said clauses is invalid, this will not affect any other clause or sub clause. Please make any complaint direct to the experience provider. Terms & conditions are regularly altered and amended to evolve with the profile of the business