The Hampshire Hawk Walk 

Harris Hawk Team

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The Boss 

Trinity is a  6 year old female Harris Hawk and despite her size a real softy and enjoys a chat and can be very vocal. 

Trinity is much bigger than the boys as female birds of prey are generally larger than the males and she is the boss of the group known as the Alpha. She is a lovely hawk to take out on a walk and also good for photography and handling as she is very calm, though she is a little to big and heavy to fly to children. She likes to hunt and chase when the opportunity arises and also flying to people for her food.  


      Sensible Mr Holmes

Sherlock is an essential member of the Hampshire Hawk Walks team, having joined us in January 2021. He had been part of a display and pest control  team at a  falconry centre in Hampshire. Sherlock has lots of experience of flying with members of the public and of doing displays in front of large crowds,  he is 7 years old and super reliable and fun to fly on hawk walks and is great with people, He has a love of chasing pigeons and other birds and has the most amazing flying style and looks effortless gliding through the trees though like most of the other hawks he is not a fan of dogs and will sit in a tree and scream at them if we meet a dog out in the parkland. Sherlock is super fast and loves to show off his flying skills.


    The Enthusiastic Athlete

Casper is the baby of the team and is a juvenile male Harris hawk just coming up to 1 year old.  He is a cheeky little character and is really becoming quite a personality , he is enjoying meeting new people and chasing anything that moves at when out flying and on hawk walks,  He can be a little bit vocal at times and like to make sure you know he's around! He is a very enthusiastic little chap and has become a real favourite with customers, you can really see how much he enjoys being out and entertaining customers with his antics.  


     The Distinguished Gent 

Caffrey joined the team in October 2021. He is 23 years old and an absolute gentleman with a cheeky streak!  He was working with a falconer in Lincolnshire who rehomed him due to retirement , Mr Caffers as he has become known, is great with people and is a very well natured and talkative hawk. He loves flying on windy days, though does sometimes disappear and I have to go and find him! He is becoming qiote a favourite of mine and we are developing a very close bond, he is a very trustworthy hawk and extremely handsome! 


The Cheeky Chappy

Guinness also joined us from Lincolnshire in October 2021, he is a 6 year old male Harris Hawk, Guinness is a little aggressive towards other male hawks so likes to be flown on his own rather than in other hawk company, he is very friendly to humans and likes to make friends with customers on an experience and will sit on the glove and let you take him for a walk and a chat!  He is a very sweet natured little hawk and always calls to me when I go out to see him in the morning. 



The Naughty Hawk

Neo is a 5 year old male Harris Hawk, he loves people and is great with children and very calm, though being a teenager he can be a bit naughty sometimes and will go off and chase things during a hawk walk because he loves hunting, he likes to land on your shoulder on occasion as it makes a good perch.  I purchased Neo from a breeder in the UK when he was 18 weeks old and trained him to hunt he was my first hawk and used to come to work with me every day when I was a gardener. 



Senior Harris Hawk

London is a 20 year old male Harris Hawk and is my favourite hawk in the team, he absolutely  loves being out and about with people. He has worked with the public for most of his life and is quite a cheeky chappy, like all birds of prey he is still a wild animal however he is a very friendly hawk.  He will fly very close to you while on a walk and likes to give you a little tap with his wing as he flies past. 


Anita Ebdon

Hampshire Hawk Walks Founder 

I have had a life long interest in birds and becoming a full time falconer with a team of Harris hawks has been a dream come true. A passion for animals and an obsession with Harris Hawks and ferrets and all things relating to nature I worked for many years as a self employed gardener on large private estates, a chance meeting with a fellow falconer,  London's previous owner and an experience day many years ago were the start of what has become Hampshire Hawk Walks .