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Hampshire Hawk Walks

Hawk Experiences

All hawk walks are one to one and the experience is around 2 hours in duration.  I am happy to take children on a hawk walk however they must be able to comfortably walk over a mile,  follow instructions and be calm and sensible throughout the duration of the experience as a guide I usually say ages 8 and upwards.  

There is a choice of venue, both are the same in terms of the experience format and handling the hawk, they just offer a slightly different backdrop.  Chawton House is a mix of meadow and woodland and is open to the public so we share the estate with other visitors, it is a flat and easier walk, also with access to the tearoom and a toilet. 

The private woodland in Four Marks offers a more intimate and natural environment in which to experience the thrill of falconry and see the hawk in action, we do not share the woodland with other people so you do really get the chance to feel completely immersed in the hawk's world and also see some of the wildlife that calls the woodland home, a great option for wildlife lovers and for those looking for serenity and being away from it all.  

Barn Owl walks are around 1 hour duration and are for two people handling the owl during the experience, groups of up to six are possible, please get in touch to arrange. 

Please purchase the gift voucher option if you would like to purchase a walk to be taken at a later date, a printed and posted gift pack is also available. If you prefer you can get in touch via phone or email and I can email you an invoice to be paid via bank transfer.   
If you have a gift voucher please email or call me to arrange your walk


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Gift Vouchers

Should the weather be forecast for *very wet and/or windy conditions on your booked date, I will contact you to discuss postponing your experience to another suitable time, however the birds don't mind a bit of rain and unfortunately being in the UK we do have operate on days when the sun is not shining. 
Please be aware this is a natural experience and while interacting with us on the walk, the hawk will demonstrate natural hunting behaviour, 
hence there is a possibility that the hawk will capture prey during an experience. 

* Very wet is defined as continuous heavy rain,  very windy is defined as  continuous winds over 20mph or  gusts over 40mph,
or any UK weather warnings that are issued by the Met Office

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Hampshire Hawk Walks

Hampshire Hawk Walks

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