I operate walks all year round from Chawton House and will always do my best to accommodate a preferred date and time , Please call Anita on 07970 727539 or email anita@hampshirehawkwalks.co.uk to check availability 
If you prefer you can pay online using the links below and make payment via paypal/credit or debit card, I will then contact you to arrange a date and time for your experience. If you do require a specific date it is best to contact me first to confirm availability as spaces are very limited especially during the winter months. 

Should the weather be forecast for *very wet and/or windy conditions on your booked date, I will contact you to discuss postponing your experience to another suitable time, however the birds don't mind a bit of rain and unfortunately being in the UK we do have operate on days when the sun is not shining. 

Please be aware this is a natural experience and while interacting with us on the walk, the hawk will demonstrate natural hunting behaviour, 
hence there is a possibility that the hawk will capture prey during an experience. 
* Very wet is defined as continuous heavy rain,  very windy is defined as winds over 20mph or  gusts over 40mph,
or any UK weather warnings that are issued by the Met Office

Hawk Walk for 1 Person and Spectator - £85.00
This is an experience that lasts around , 80-90 minutes approximately an hour of which will be spent handling the hawk with the rest of the experience ensuring safe handling and taking photographs, a spectator may attend the session free of charge to join you on the walk  and take photos. 

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Hawk Walk for 2 People and Spectator - £130.00
As a hawk walk for one but tends to last a little longer giving both participants opportunities to interact with the hawk, a spectator may join you free of charge to take pictures. 

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Hawk Walk
Gift Voucher - £85.00
You will receive a printed voucher and information posted via Royal Mail to give as a gift which entitles the recipient to a hawk walk for 1 person and a spectator on a date that they choose valid for 9 months. 

A gift voucher from Hampshire Hawk Walks located in Chawton House in Hampshire

Family Hawk Walk - £160.00 
(4 People)
An experience lasting around 90 minutes with an opportunity for all family members to interact with the hawk. Lots of time to take pictures and have the hawk on your glove . Route and distance of walk dependent on ability  and age of children. Children must a minimum of 8 years old and be calm, quiet and able to follow instructions. 


Additional Spectator £20.00
If you would like more than 1 spectator
to join you on your walk  

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Half Day One on One Falconry Experience


This is a hands on experience and follows the daily routine of  what is involved in the day to day keeping of a bird of prey. If you are keen to learn about the birds and how to handle them safely and understand the training and daily care routine this is for you. 

Daily care, food management and preparation, housing, checking the birds and equipment, handling , transporting and flying and training. 

You will learn all about the equipment used and why,  how a hawk is trained and care for a bird as if its yours for the duration of the experience.  We will take the birds to the flying ground and you will fly and handle a harris hawk as if your own.  Around 4 Hours includes refreshments.  Lots of time for you to be hands on and  take pictures.  This is a one to one experience and you will not be in a group. 

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